The Best Assault Rifle In Warzone 2 | Complete AR Ranking

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the top Assault Rifle in Warzone 2. The most widely used weapons in Warzone are assault rifles. However, there are a tonne of assault rifles in Warzone 2, so we’ve ranked them all for you to help you pick the best weapon.

Assault Rifles in Warzone 2.0: Which are the best ARs in the game? | Activision

It will take some getting acclimated to Warzone 2, especially the complex new Gunsmith. But let’s start with the very basics: which is the greatest AR in Warzone 2? before you delve too deeply into fine-tuning this and fine-tuning that.

While there are more than 50 different weapons to level up in Warzone 2, you frequently only have the chance to acquire one special weaponry. So let’s first determine which assault rifles are good and worthwhile to use before concentrating your levelling efforts.

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Complete Ranking Of Every Assault Rifle In Warzone 2

10. M16

Although the M16 has received an upgrade, there is really not much you can do to make this weapon useful. Each burst is somewhat inefficient because to the upward vertical recoil pattern, and even if you are landing every shot within the burst, the burst mechanism itself prohibits you from having a strong TTK.

Here is our recommended M16 loadout.

There aren’t enough buffs in the world. | Activision

In a full-auto universe, using a burst-fire weapon is impossible.

9. Kastov-545

The Kastov 545 served no purpose. Its damage stats were quite low, however they were improved in Season 1 Reloaded. It has nearly no recoil with the appropriate setup, and it also produces enough damage. The only thing left to do is wait and watch whether it gains popularity and should rise up the list.

The finest Kastov 545 loadout is shown here.

Interestingly, the Kastov 545 is terrible in MW2’s multiplayer as well. | Activision

8. M4

It must be strange to see the M4 so low. Although it’s not a very poor weapon, the recoil limits it to close and mid-range combat. The fact that the competition is so competitive this year is the only reason it ranks this low on the list. The M4 isn’t performing well enough in that close-range situation to be placed any higher because there are simply so many superb ARs.

Here is our recommended M4 loadout.

It’s just so damn bouncy. | Activision

Nevertheless, we believe that it has too much visible recoil to be useful in the conventional AR function.

7. STB-556

The STB is a great close-range alternative because it boasts one of the fastest ADS timings and the best sprint-out times in the AR class. It’s limited to a maximum of 45 rounds, and it suffers when you try to challenge something farther than 30 metres. Because of this, it seems too situational to be placed very highly.

The STB has outstanding sprint-out times for an AR, but it doesn’t have the best mid-range capability. | Activision

The current meta STB 556 loadout for Warzone is fully described in this guide, so if you’re interested in crafting one of these, check it out.

6. Kastov-74u

In the race to become the short-range AR meta, the STB and Kastov 74u are neck and neck. Although the sprint-out is less remarkable, the 74u has marginally greater damage totals and better all-around mobility ratings, so we’re giving it a tiny boost in our ranking.

One of the fastest ARs in the whole category. | Activision

Although the Kastov in ground loot is actually rather good, it frequently has the Vortex optic attached. Make sure to switch down the 3x magnification and use the 1x holo sight if you come across it in this condition.

The greatest Kastov 74u loadout is shown here.

5. M13B

The M13B, the first post-launch AR for Warzone 2, was modelled after the M13 from MW2019 and had low recoil but low damage. This makes it a useful long-range weapon for beginners, but it’s difficult to see it ever becoming the hard-meta, especially for more experienced players.

This is potentially even the 3rd best, but right now we’ll keep it in 4th. | Activision

With the correct accessories, the M13 can be transformed into an even more powerful low-recoil laser. Here is the M13B’s current meta loadout.

4. Chimera

Some of you may recall the Chimera as the Honey Badger from Ghosts. It is the new AR in Warzone 2 and MW2. This weapon is perfectly balanced to serve as your flex weapon for sniper support. It features the agility and control of an SMG with the potential for a longer range of an AR. The use of this weapon in conjunction with an RPK or RAAL is highly advised.

The finest Chimera loadout is shown here.

It sounds as gorgeous as it did back in Ghosts. | Activision

It simply has a beautiful sound.

3. Lachmann-556

The Lachman-556 is a sluggish AR, but because it has among of the lowest recoil and highest range damage of all the ARs, it can be excellent at mid and long range. This makes it the ideal weapon to use in conjunction with an SMG, although it is less versatile than our next two weapons.

The Lachmann is fantastic for long-range. | Activision

A detailed Lachmann 556 loadout guide is available for you right here.

2. Kastov-762

With excellent damage at all ranges and reasonable recoil, the Kastov is a good all-around weapon. Even if we believe it to be slightly inferior to number 1 on this list, it is still well worth levelling.

This is a great weapon in MW2’s multiplayer as well. | Activision

All players can benefit from using the Kastov. The best accessories for the Kastov 762 are listed below.

1. TAQ-56

Although the TAQ isn’t the ideal option for long or close range, it may be effective at all ranges, unlike practically every other AR. This makes it a very alluring option in the setting of Warzone 2, where we frequently have to make the painful decision of just selecting one primary. The TAQ-56 is the closest thing we currently have to a really “do-it-all” assault rifle due to its low recoil, strong damage values at all ranges, and respectable handling speeds.

The TAQ is probably the best “do-it-all” AR right now. | Activision

Leveling up the TAQ is worthwhile right away. This is our preferred TAQ-56 build.

Which Assault Rifle Is Best For Short-Range?

Although we believe the Kastov 74u has the best short-range AR currently, the STB and Chimera, which has extremely fast sprint out speeds, are quite close. The Kastov 74u was slightly nerfed in the most recent balance patch, but not significantly. But if it receives further nerfs, the STB or Chimera will probably surpass it as the short-range AR meta. We will update you.

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Which Assault Rifle Is Best For Long-Range?

We believe that the M13B or the Lachmann 556 is the best AR when used exclusively at long ranges. The M13B is a little more manoeuvrable and has superior handling attributes, but it has a lower ttk and deals less damage per magazine. The Lachmann 556, in contrast, has a more remarkable damage output despite being generally slower. It’s extremely close between the two, but if we had to choose just one right now, we’d probably go with the Lachmann 556.

So far, none of the Warzone 2 weapons have an excessively strong attacking capability. However, we shouldn’t get too comfortable just yet because Warzone 1 evolved over time.

All ARs in Warzone 2 are currently in that position. If new weapons or updates alter the meta, we will of course update the list. Until then, be sure to level up the strongest weapons on the list.

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